Department of Information Science, Kochi University / Staff And Their Specialty

Rie HONDA Machine Learning, Data Mining, Simulation, Computer Vision Home Page
Munehiko ITO Topology, Dimension Theory, Computational Geometry  
Yasuo MIYOSHI Social Network, Web Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction Home Page
Yuichiro MORI Information Processing Using Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Control System, Biometrics Authentication  
Minoru OIKAWA High-Performance-Computing, Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Design, Electro-Holography
Ryo OKAMOTO Intelligent Computer Assisted Instruction Home Page
Ken-ichi SHIOTA Number Theory, Modular Forms, Computational Algebra, Cryptography, Coding Theory, Algorithmic Graph Theory Home Page
Kazuhiro SUZUKI Discrete Mathematics with Application ( Graph Theory, Descrete Gemoetry, Information Security ) Home Page
Naoki TAKADA Electro-Holography, High-Performance-Computing, GPU Computing, Computational Electromagnetics Home Page
Masahiko TOYONAGA Computer Aided Engineering, Optimization Method, Database, Design Automation of LSI, CAD Home Page