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Laboratory students

They have strong will to train programming skills and researches skills. They try to enter to the master course. Laboratory educates IT engineers and researchers who are big resources in the electric and electronics industry of Japan and the world.

Educational Policy

Students will survey not only technical papers but also industrial newspaper & magazines for our research theme positioning.
  • Students will submit their own papers to academic conferences (Domestic Shikoku).
  • Research is based on computer-aided design systems. They are extended to senser network systems and many other software systems.
  • Recent Individual Thema

  • Optimization methods(Simulated-Annealing, etc.)D
  • VLSI Physical designs, layout automatic designs (Automatic place and route).
  • Contact

  • Office:Room 308, Computer Science Bdg.

  • web http://www.is.kochi-u.ac.jp/~toyonaga

  • Schedules of international conferences & laboratory seminar

  • Toyo-labo handouts

  • Monthly Schedules of Prof.Toyonaga

  • Cross-talk avoidance placement method

    CrostalkFree P&R

    More than ten thousand elements are controlled by our incremental placer

    Cross-talk avoidance routing method

    CrostalkFree P&R

    More than million wires are controlled by our incremental router

    Watermarking router

    Watermarking Router

    Insert watermark information into layout design

    Flag signaling robot


    Flag signaling translator for communication with handicapped persons.